Aerospatiale, France

I was part of the integration team on the Ariane 5 Flight Control Program. Requirements testing and debugging were performed on the target system, using a Lauterbach emulator with Alsys Ada 5.5.1. The software was verified through all scenarios involved during the ignition, flight and payload release stages.

Data collected during rig testing was analysed using a set of tools on Solaris Workstations. As well as validating the requirements, the performance of every part of the software was verified to ensure there were no bottle necks in the processing during periods of stress.

The requirements for this project were written in French and the team was a mix of French, German and English nationalities.

Project Details:

  • Ada83
  • Vax Ada, Alsys Ada
  • MC68020
  • HOOD
  • Solaris

Project Activities:

  • Rig Testing
  • Requirements Validation
  • Bug Fixing
  • Development of Analysis Utilities
  • Performance Analysis