BAE Systems, UK

Prototyping and subsequent development of software which ran on 2 of the 6 processor cards, which handled the 3910 fibre optical data being received from the Flight Control Computers. Prototyping was necessary due to the extremely critical time constraints of handling the fast fibre optic data, within the specified times.

In addition, I worked on unit testing and updates to the software which handled the Crash Recorder data as it was processed by the IPU.

A large part of the work I did at BAe was integration testing on the rigs with the target equipment. This involved extensive use of equipment such as logic and bus analysers.

Project Details:

  • Ada83
  • Vax Ada, XdAda
  • MC68020
  • MIL-STD-1553, STANAG3910

Project Activities:

  • Design, Code and Test
  • Integration Rig Testing
  • Documentation and Reviews