EADS, Germany

Designed, coded, tested and documented two main software components of the DMG EFA; the MIDs Software package and the GM TSAPs. I also suggested the top level design to EDS for the Application Software and have maintained all components of the DMG Processor Module for Tranche 1 DMG during recent years.

On completion of the first design and code, I was solely responsible for creating a software unit and integration test system, in Ada, as proprietary test tools were available on the project budget.

For Tranche 2, the 4 main software packages were all upgraded to Ada95 compiled under Greenhills with VxWorks as the RTOS with new Power PC hardware. I was the first engineer on the EADS site to use the Greenhills compiler.

In order to verify that the DMG met all the requirements in the Contract Specification, I proposed a solution using existing equipment within the company. Together with a colleague, who was a C expert, we developed software using LabWindows CVI which could simulate and record all the external interfaces of the DMG. Using the software, the user could exercise the map and symbology functions of the DMG either manually or via automated test sequences, making testing of the requirements and repeated regression testing possible.

The LabWindows CVI test software was well received and later employed on other projects, such as Tornado.

During my time at EADS, I also worked briefly on a Tornado project using Rational Apex, to assist during a time critical phase.

Project Details:

  • Ada83 and Ada95
  • Vax Ada, XdAda, Greenhills
  • VxWorks
  • 68020, Power PC
  • LabWindows CVI

Project Activities:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Design, Coding, Testing
  • Documentation and Reviews
  • Firmware Development
  • Test Equipment Software Development