Postfinance, Switzerland

The payment traffic processing system is a large software system based on multiple hardware nodes, which handles the millions of transactions carried out by the Postfinance bank. The software packages give access for the support staff, to the vast amount of transaction and account data.

The GUIs of these software package were developed and maintained by a small team, of which I was part. About twice a year, new features were added to the software in addition to the ongoing maintenance of any faults found in the current system.

The software was written in Ada83 using the Vax Ada compiler, changing later to Ada95 and the Adacore GNAT compiler. The graphical parts were implemented in Motif.

Coming from a background of military embedded projects, the work at Postfinance gave me a completely new experience of working in a banking environment on a large software package. (approx. 1 million lines of code alone in the GUI system)

Project Details:

  • Ada83 and Ada95
  • AdaCore GNAT
  • Motif
  • DCL Scripts
  • Open VMS and Unix

Project Activities:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Software Maintenance
  • Level 3 Support
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