Personal Details

  • Name: Kevin James Wilson
  • Date of Birth: March 1966
  • Nationality: British
  • Address: 6362 Stansstad, Switzerland
  • Phone: +41 788 733 417
  • Email:

Professional Profile

  • Extensive experience in real-time embedded multiprocessor systems for avionics and space applications. Object orientated design and programming in a multitude of environments.

    GUI development for banking applications and automated test systems.

    Many years of software and hardware experience, working in multi cultural environments.

Work Experience

  • Jan 2015 - Present

    Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., Stans, Switzerland

    Software development in C and Ada of a training Mission Computer for the PC21 aircraft.

  • Nov 2013 - Dec 2014

    Seeking employment

    Develop prototypes and investigate feasibility of small website design business targeting a niche market. Read more Self-education in C++, Qt, C#, Java SE, Python and MySQL. Helping to take care of our newborn baby.

  • May 2008 - October 2013

    Postfinance AG, Bern, Switzerland (subcontract)

    Senior software engineer developing, maintaining and Level 3 support of the GUI, in a banking payment traffic processing system. This large system was written in Ada and Motif and developed in a VMS environment. Worked with requirements in German. Read more

  • July 1996 - March 2008

    Dornier GmbH (now EADS), Friedrichshafen, Germany (subcontract, security cleared)

    Lead programmer responsible for developing several designs for the Eurofighter Digital Map System using IPSYS HOOD with XDAda on MC68020s. It was later upgraded to use Green Hills AdaMulti, VxWorks and Ada95 on PowerPCs. In parallel, I was resposible for proposing and creating an automated Windows PC based test system using LabWindows CVI. Read more

  • February 1995 - April 1996

    EASAMS GmbH, Based at Aérospatiale, Les Mureaux, France (subcontract)

    Part of the integration team on the Ariane 5 Flight Control Program. Testing and debugging were performed using a Lauterbach emulator using Alsys Ada 5.5.1. Worked with requirements in French. Read more

  • February 1994 - December 1994

    Computing Devices Hastings Ltd, St. Leonards-On-Sea, U.K. (subcontract, security cleared)

    Implementation of a modification package for a project which I had previously worked on in March 1990. Read more

  • November 1991 - December 1993

    British Aerospace Military Aircraft Ltd, Dunsfold, Surrey, U.K. (subcontract, security cleared)

    Senior software engineer working on the EFA Interface Processing Unit. The project was developed using CORE, IPSYS HOOD, Ada and MC68020 assembler. Tasks included integration of a 1553 and time critical fibre optic interface. Read more

  • October 1987 - November 1991

    Computing Devices Hastings Ltd, St. Leonards-On-Sea, U.K. (security cleared)

    Graduate hardware engineer working on Tornado Automatic Test Equipment aircraft and circuit board designs for a Millimetric Waver Radar System. My increasing competence in software enabled me to work on further projects for Harrier and Eurofighter, where I developed software using MASCOT OOD and Ada. Read more

Programming Languages

  • Ada95 Extensive skillset GNAT Adacore, GreenHills Adamulti

    10 years

  • Ada83 Extensive skillset XDAda, GNAT, Apex, Telegen, Alsys, Aonix

    19 years

  • C Moderate skillset LabWindows CVI, Unix, Borland

    7 years

  • C++ Minimal skillset Eclipse, CodeBlocks, Visual Studio, Qt Creator

    1 year

  • Java SE/Java EE Minimal skillset Eclipse

    1 year

  • HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL Moderate skillset Various

    10 years

  • Previous languages Extensive experience Pascal, BASIC, Coral 66, 68020, 6502, 6809 and Z80 assembler
  • Development Tools

    HOOD, MASCOT, CORE, LabWindows, LDRA Testbed, SPARK, Rational Apex, AdaMulti, Eclipse, Clearquest, CodeBlocks, Visual C++, Qt, Python, DCL, BAT, Motif

  • Equipment

    HardwareMotorola PPC750, MC68020, 6809, Z80, 1553 Bus, EFA 3838/3910 Bus,  RS232/422 Comms, PanaviaSerial Link, VME Bus, PCs various
    Emulators Agilent PPC750, Tektronix 68020, Hewlett Packard 68020, Lauterbach/Atron 68020
    Test Equipment Fully familiar with many types of logic analysers, oscilloscopes and 1553/3910 bus analysers
  • Standards

    MIL-STD-2167, EFA Standards, DO-178B, MIL-STD-1553, STANAG3910

  • Foreign Languages

    German Level B1/B2Semi-intensive lessons taken for 4 years in Germany and Switzerland
    French Level B1School SCSE, followed by private tuition before working in France


  • 1983 - 1987

    University of Edinburgh

    BSc. Microelectronics (Hons)


  • Snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, and motorcycling.

    In my free time, I also manage two holiday rental properties, being responsible for the website designs, marketing and handling all bookings. I am fully conversant with HTML, PHP, CSS and MySQL which has allowed me to design and manage my own sites and in addition produce websites for others. Read more


  • Reference from previous employer here

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